22300VIC - Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis


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Course information

This course applies to a wide range of settings where emergencies involving allergic reaction may occur, this course is approved by ACECQA and provides the skills and knowledge to be able to handle severe allergic reactions in the workplace. This training is relevant for people working in childcare, education, aged and community care, tourism, hospitality and other environments.  This course is conducted under the auspices and in partnership with APL Group Pty Ltd RTO 3586 t/as Australian First Aid, and addresses the training and assessment requirements of the following two units of competence:

  • VU21800 Provide first aid management of anaphylaxis
  • VU21801 Develop risk minimisation and management strategies for anaphylaxis

Additional information on this accredited training can be found at Training.gov.au.

Recognition Prior Learning (RPL), Credit Transfer (CT) and National Recognition

The course will be pre-empted by any learning achieved through formal education and training (credit transfer) and learning achieved outside the formal education and training system (RPL), or recognition of AQF qualifications and statements of attainment issued by training organisations registered in any Australian jurisdiction as described in the Student Handbook.


As a minimum, entrants to the course must have literacy and numeracy competencies equivalent to the Australian Core Skills Framework Level 2.  An example of an ACSF Level 2 competency is being able to read and comprehend the ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis, request appropriate emergency assistance at the scene of the incident and complete incident reports.  In addition, it is recommended that entrants have current competency in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Training and assessment arrangements:

This accredited course is delivered in one three (3) hour session or two (2) hour refresher session, which provides successful participants with the knowledge and skills to confidently develop risk minimisation & management strategies and provide first aid management of severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis.

Industry and individual participants are encouraged to include policies, procedures and documentation from their workplace, to better contextualise their learning.

Your training is delivered a mixed modality of pre-course work + in-class work:

Your pre-course work includes:

  1. an on-line knowledge assessment
  2. Workplace checklist
  3. Risk assessment


These assessment tasks MUST be submitted and marked as satisfactory at least 5 days prior to the session.

Our First Aid educator assesses the participant’s skills and knowledge throughout the face to face session, and competence in applying First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis through various scenarios and skill stations, during which you will also complete a:

  1. risk assessment, and
  2. Incident Injury & Illness Record, and
  3. Post Incident Debrief and Evaluation record


The on-line "workbook" (including video and written material) can be progressed in one or multiple logon/logoff sessions, provides a self-paced flexible method of learning the theory of the First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis in the comfort of one's own home, at work, or wherever an internet connection is available

Students under 14 years of age must provide written permission to attend the course from their parent or guardian.

Educators and learning support:

The course is delivered by local, qualified industry professionals, who recognise the needs of the individuals and embrace the principles of cultural safety in their teaching.

Training upgrade options:

To assist industry meet compliance with the Education and Childcare Services National Regulations, participants who have undertaken our First Aid training have also upgraded to the 22300VIC - Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis and 22282VIC Course in Management of Asthma Risks and Emergencies in the Workplace nationally accredited training, all courses are approved by ACECQA

Course fee:

Fees are payable though the website or at our office by credit card (Visa/MC), cash or purchase order, and may be tax deductible to eligible students.  Should the NT Government and industry bodies make Scholarships available, we will assist you to apply.

A 'No Refunds Policy' applies to all online learning courses once you have been issued with your user name and passwords, whether you have accessed the system or not.

Pre-payment secures your enrolment for this course, and all fees must be paid before a Statement of Attainment is issued.

  • Classes on campus or at your workplace, on schedule or after hours
  • Class size is limited to a max of 12 participants - unless otherwise arranged
  • Remote travel is additional to the course cost, and will be quoted on request

Text Books & Learning support

Participants receive a hard copy Emergency First Aid reference book with over 250 pages of information to assist you in maintaining your knowledge over time, up to advanced level's of First Aid.  LLN support can be provided to participants on request, which includes additional face to face time with the trainer/assessor

Course subjects:

A nationally-recognised Statement of Attainment will be issued to all successful participants which is valid for 3 years.

This short course is designed to develop skills and knowledge to enable you to assist a casualty suffering a severe allergic reaction, by the administration of the casualty’s own adrenaline supply through a controlled dose injecting device (Anapen or EpiPen), until handover to medical assistance.  In addition the course develops skills in the recognition, management, prevention and risk minimisation strategies related to allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, providing the outcomes required to develop and implement a management plan to reduce the risk of severe reactions in individuals diagnosed with anaphylaxis.

The course includes two (2) competency units and provides the skills and knowledge to be able to handle severe allergic reactions in the workplace. It includes:

  • Definitions of allergic reaction and anaphylaxis and recognition of signs and symptoms
  • Responsibilities of organisations and individuals in relation to allergic reaction and anaphylaxis
  • Risk minimisation and management strategies for anaphylaxis emergencies
  • First aid management for a severe anaphylactic reaction


Additional information

Additional information on accredited training can be found at Training.gov.au.

This one day course is conducted under the auspices and in partnership with APL Group Pty Ltd RTO 3586 t/as Australian First Aid.

Remote travel is additional to the course cost, and will be quoted on request.

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