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Trainer & Assessors

Tony Spencer

Tony Spencer

Tony has over 45 years experience in business management, commencing in Sydney, then moving to Brisbane and Melbourne, before relocating to Alice Springs in 1988.

Tony delivers a range of learning programs including; Emergency Response, Work Health Safety, Medical Emergency and Food Handling training as well as business compliance reviews, development of business controls and risk management strategies.

Tony has been coordinating and delivering our Home and Community Care learning program into the Lands in WA over the past eight (8) years, and many other programs for more than eleven (11) years in Central Australia.  Tony ensures our remote clients are delivered high quality flexible learning in their workplaces, in his role as sessional Educator.

Tony's vision is for Redpath Education to be the premier and preferred training provider delivering pathway's into real jobs, and sustainability to our industry and community.

Tony can be contacted at

Saam Arbuthnot

Saam Arbuthnot

With over 40 years experience in health service delivery throughout Australia, Saam brings a balance of urban, regional and remote experience in nursing and clinical management to the role of Director and Trainer/Assessor.

Saam is a Registered Nurse with a number of years experience in a wide range of nursing fields in the Central Australian Health Network for +20 years prior to taking up an Educator role at Redpath.

Saam loves both nursing & educating, two passions combined in one makes for the perfect job. This enthusiasm and love of learning is integrated into her teaching style, and well supports her role as sessional Educator delivering Advance Health learning programs.

Saam's vision for Redpath Education is to provide educational and consultative services to the health and community service industries in regional and remote Australia.

Saam can be contacted at

Shelby Spencer

With experience in health and business, Shelby brings urban, regional and remote focus in health and business management to the role of Business Solutions and Trainer/Assessor.

Shelby's enthusiasm and love of learning is reflected in her teaching style, and well supports her role as sessional Educator delivering Medical Terminology and other learning programs.

Shelby can be contacted at


Debbie Grigg


Administration and data base systems for all course related questions, or to contact our staff while in town or on community.

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Debbie Grigg


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