Course Outline

REDPATH Education offers organisations and individuals a choice of accredited training conducted under the auspices and in partnership with APL Group Pty Ltd RTO 3586 t/as Australian First Aid, STePS Training - RTO1847, and TafeSA RTO: 40320, and non-accredited short courses. We are able to 'go bush' to meet training needs and source additional educational programs when required.

Although specific training has been outlined here, we commonly deliver single units of competence in accredited or unaccredited format to meet the needs of individual participants, facilities, or industry and regional groups.

Should your training needs fall outside of this outline, please contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.

First Aid

HLTAID001 CPR (also known as Workplace Level 1)    
HLTAID002 Basic Emergency Life Support (BLS) - Available on request, please contact us for details)    
HLTAID003 First Aid (also known as Senior First Aid or Workplace Level 2)    
HLTAID003 First Aid - 3 year re-certification (also known as Senior First Aid or Workplace Level 2)    
HLTAID004 Education and Child Care First Aid - approved by ACECQA    
HLTAID005 First aid in remote situations - Available on request, please contact us for details)    
HLTAID006 Advanced first aid - Available on request, please contact us for details)    
22024VIC Course in Emergency Management of Asthma in the Workplace - approved by ACECQA    
22099VIC Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis - approved by ACECQA    

Short Course

Workplace Safety - Emergency Response training    
    FSSC001 Worker induction - Occupant Safety    
    PUAWERO05B Warden - Operate As Part of an Emergency Control Organisation    
    PUAWERO06B Chief Warden - Lead An Emergency Control Organisation    
Food Handling training    
   FHSC001 Food Hygiene    
   HLTFS207C Follow basic food safety practices    
Other short course training    
MHSC001 Manual Handling    
ORSC001 Orientation    

Work Health Safety


Participate in WHS processes


HLTIN301C Comply with infection control policies and procedures    


Long Course

CHC08 Certificate II & III Community Services
(this is a new course, please contact us for details) 
Certificate II Business
(this is a new course, please contact us for details) 
HLT31512 Certificate III in Nutrition and Dietetic Assistance