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Educational Standards

We are a locally owned private training company operating from Alice Springs, offering optimal sized classes at your workplace or our training rooms. We strive to maintain administrative practices and policies in support of the highest educational and professional standards in the delivery of vocational education and training services.


IN CONSIDERATION of the Organiser (Redpath Education) permitting me (Participant) to participate in the training course I agree with it as follows:

Payments and refunds 
Payments Policy

I understand that payment or receipt of an approved purchase order secures the booking and course materials.  My course fees are due and payable 7 days on invoice or prior to the participant commencing training, through credit card on the Redpath Education website, by EFT as detailed on the enrolment form, or receipt by Redpath Education of an approved purchase order.


We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

This website contains secure areas located at https://redpatheducation.com.au indicated by a padlock symbol in the browser.

Redpath Education uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for transmitting private information by encrypting the data transferred over the Internet. This protocol is a standard used by many websites when you submit confidential information, such as credit card numbers and other personal data. We will never store your credit card details on our servers.

We also have up to date firewall, antivirus and monitoring apps installed and adhere to the PCI-DSS Standard requirements.

Payments Processing

Credit Card details (Number, Name, Expiry Date and CVC) are sent to NAB's payment facilities for authorisation/payment, and the credit card details are never kept/stored on our servers.

Refund and Changes Policy

I understand that a non refundable deposit of $65 applies to my training, however a pro-rata credit may apply to complete my course at a later date.  An administrative fee of $25 applies to change requests (ie; to bookings, enrolments, invoices).  Refunds for fees in excess of the non refundable deposit are not automatic and I must apply in writing to Redpath Education for consideration.  Refunds/transfers will not be applied where I have not completed my prerequisite assessments, where my attendance is cancelled within 2 days prior to a course, or where a voucher or special discounted rate has been applied, these are not refundable or transferable.  A full refund will apply to cancellation of my course by Redpath Education, or if I can provide evidence of serious hardship.  Also see here; ATO information

Enrolment and attendance
Enrolment Policy

I understand that my enrolment is finalised through lodgement of my validated enrolment form, by myself or a third party, and payment of my non refundable deposit.  Successful completion of an entry interview or entry assessment, may apply to long course training, before enrolment is approved.  Enrolment information not correct?, you can access your personal profile on-line and update your enrolment information by logging into your https://redpatheducation.com.au/cms/img/icons/user.png Participant Dashboard.

Certificate policy

I understand certification is only issued, where students have fully demonstrated competence in all training product requirements, ie; delivered to participants who have successfully completed their assessments, actively participated in the course work, completed all enrolment details and supplied verifiable data, and who's account is paid in full.  Assessment task(s) MUST be submitted and marked as satisfactory at least two (2) days prior to the practical session, late submissions are not automatically accepted and may incur a change request administrative fee.  Also see here; ASQA faq.  Your name will be entered on your Certificate as it appears in your USI data, a $30 fee applies for reissue of Certificate.

USI policy

Unique Student Identifier's (USI) are managed consistent with the policies and procedures found at www.USI.gov.au,  I understand I have consented to Redpath Education to collect and release my personal information as necessary to search for my USI, as detailed in the Privacy Policy. I also understand that unless I have supplied valid data at enrolment, I will not be provided a Testamur or Certificate on successful completion of the training, a $30 fee applies on each occurrence to create, search for or change USI data on my behalf.

Pre/co-requisite Policy

I understand that to successfully apply knowledge in a practical setting, I MUST complete the required pre course work as specified in the training program, and I may be directed to amend my enrolment if I do not meet my course requirements.  Deferral of attendance within 2 days prior to course, a fee of $65 applies.  Where the course and enrolments have been closed post training, or, formal assessment extensions of time due to unforeseen circumstances have closed, a re-enrolment fee of $65 applies.

Attendance Policy

I understand that Redpath Education reserves the right to ask me to leave the training course immediately and with no refund of fees for these reasons:


Privacy Policy
  1. I understand that Redpath Education maintains confidentiality of my records in accordance with requirements set down in the 1988 Privacy Act and National Privacy Principles and will only use the information for the purpose for which it is provided, or as agreed below.
  2. I understand that Redpath Education has entered into Agreements with various government departments and agencies which impose obligations on Redpath Education to provide certain statistical information about participants and their courses.
  3. I understand that in providing my training Redpath Education will become privy to my personal information including that contained in the enrolment form, information to determine RPL/CT or National Recognition and workplace performance relevant to the training.
  4. I understand that Redpath Education through its website operates a facility to allow nominated employer representatives to access information about me and my progress through courses in which they are stakeholders, including my name, address, phone, email, enrolled courses & units, as well as timetables, attendance to class, training performance and outcomes.
  5. I consent to Redpath Education releasing my personal information including my name, address, phone, email, enrolled courses & units, as well as timetables, attendance to class, training performance and outcomes to Government Departments and Agencies and employers as part of its business operations.
  6. I consent to Redpath Education releasing a copy of my learner’s qualification or statement of attainment to another party, such as an employer.  Where I omit my emailed address in my enrolment form, or where I indicate in my enrolment form the email address of a third party, such as my employer. Also see here; ASQA faq
  7. I consent to Redpath Education releasing my personal information including my name, sex, phone, email and date of birth to the USI Registry System, other Government Departments and Agencies and employers as part of its business operations to find or verify my USI.  Also see here; Student Qick Guide.
  8. I understand that Redpath Education will use its best endeavours to ensure those provided with my personal information are aware the information is personal and confidential and will not distribute that information to third parties.
Permission to use photographic or video images

I understand that Redpath Education from enrolment may take photographic or video images of participants in training or training-related activities, and use these images to promote or advertise Redpath Education and it's activities.

The participant further agrees
  1. I understand that participating in any type of training or course or activity may be DANGEROUS and I voluntarily ACCEPT the risk of damage consequent upon or arising from my entry as a participant, and the use of Redpath Education's facilities.
  2. I will not sue Redpath Education for any negligence, tort, breach of contractual or any other legal or equitable rights howsoever caused, and this indemnity will extend to and include any damage arising from my competing in any training and from my use of Redpath Education' facilities and I indemnify Redpath Education in respect of the same.
  3. I will abide by the Rules and Regulations of Redpath Education as to the training and to the use of the Redpath Education facilities and the directions of the officials of Redpath Education including the right to terminate or cancel my training and the use of Redpath Education's facilities at any time and for any reason.
  4. The personal information I have supplied to Redpath Education regarding my qualifications, experience and any other matter associated with the training is true and correct and I have READ AND UNDERSTOOD all of the clauses of this agreement before accepting the same and before my use of Redpath Education's facilities.