Electrical Safety Awareness


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Course information

Everyone in the workplace needs to have an awareness of electrical safety.  Before a new staff member starts at work they should have the right skills and knowledge to identify and control electrical hazards, awareness of effects on the body and first aid, policies, procedures and legislation to work safely with electricity.  This unaccredited training provides the participant with Electrical Safety Awareness.

Training arrangements:

Training will be delivered face to face, either on site or at the REDPATH Campus.  The training is delivered in one session of (2) hours at a time to suit the Facility, or the majority of the participants.

Tutors and learning support:

Training is conducted in English and participants should possess functional written and spoken English skills.  The course is delivered by local, Industry experts and qualified Tutors, who hold a current Police Clearance, understand the context of practice and embrace the principles of cultural safety in their teaching


Classroom sessions;

Face to face session including group work and individual activities

  • Electricity Basics
    • Legal aspects;
    • Legislation
    • Codes of Practice (COP-Managing Electrical Risks in the Workplace - Safe Work Australia)
    • Duty of care
  • Reporting
    • Responding/controlling workplace hazards
    • Reporting electrical hazards
  • Lock-outs and tag-outs
  • Residual Current Devices (RCDs)
  • Inspection and testing 
    • Visual inspection of electrical equipment & frequency of inspecting
    • Testing of electrical equipment
  • First Aid & First Response
    • Effects of electricity on the body (short and long-term)
    • Electrical fires
    • Lightning 
Workplace activities including;

Workplace electrical hazard assessment (this can be undertaken at the cohorts workplace to contextualise the learning)

  • Hazards may include;
    • Frayed and damaged power cord
    • Overloaded power boards
    • Working near overhead power-lines
    • Buried underground power-lines
    • Water near electricity
    • Damaged power tools and exposed electrical cables
  • Group workplace inspection (to identify and develop risk minimisation strategies)
    • identify the hazard
    • classify the risk
    • control the risk
  • Workers are provided a course pack including relevant Voyages policies/procedures
    • Each worker completes a Voyages hazard report (near miss)
  • Knowledge assessment;
    • End of course knowledge assessment

Important information

Remote travel is additional to the course cost, and will be quoted on request.

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