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Course information

This unaccredited session reviews corporate values, your organization’s purpose, company mission, the work environment, and employee experience.  Held in Blackstone over two days with a focus on “getting community workers to work autonomously”.

Session arrangements:

Session will be delivered face to face, on site.  The training is delivered in two sessions of (6) hours at a time.

Course fee:

As quoted

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Remote travel is additional to the course cost, and will be quoted on request

Course content:

Content including:

  • Shop Closed
  • No power
  • No internet (no internet or phone & access to ATM for clients shop money)
  • No meals
  • Arguments
  • Misunderstandings (Clients have “different thinking”)
  • Lockdown (violence)
  • Compliant kitchen
  • Breakin’s
  • Visitors (other states, or communities)
  • Extended families
  • Stress/coping
  • Understanding paid service delivery
  • IT skills
  • Employee induction training
  • Skills to complete workplace documents & reporting
  • Training required under the Standards
  • Unclear roles
  • Paid / unpaid leave
  • Award understanding
  • No staff
  • Sorry camps
  • Expectation of family
  • Dementia clients
  • Resources limited
  • Defrosting meals
  • Size of pie warmer
  • Purchase order to buy meals from Road House if no food
  • Not given a chance to do computer work
  • Turn Point training for CCW
  • Satellite not working
  • Training in office skills
  • What if…..
  • CCW drivers license

Important information

  • agenda discussed and agreed on day 1

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