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Adult Learners Week

Monday 1st September to  Monday 8th September 2014.

Child Care roundtable

Just to update on your ALW Child Care roundtable.

We’ve been in contact with Bridie McIntosh at the NTG, Bridie may not be able to attend in person, however has requested access to the roundtable by teleconference, this will be an option for those unable to attend.  Bridie has provided me with contacts for Child Care centres she is responsible for.

ALW scheduleThe Child Care roundtable on Wed 3rd during lunchtime is confirmed, and is your chance to feedback on issues such as training needs & funding, Child Care career VETIS pathway’s, and we’ll be discussing availability of courses on-line and other accredited and workplace training matters.

If you’re interested and can make it we would welcome your input, if I’ve not met with you already and you want to attend please let me know by reply email to ensure we cater for your lunch, but if you can’t make Wed let us know, we are working to offer connection by teleconference.

The Adult Learners Week project is funded through the Northern Territory Government - Department of Business, designed to celebrate and promote lifelong learning. It recognises achievements in and raises awareness of adult education, providing an opportunity for organisations to promote what they do in the wider community.

Activities such as training sessions in First Aid, CPR, Food Safety, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management as well as Safety training will be offered to the public free of charge, with Information sessions highlighting learning pathways available within the region will be delivered at the Girl Guide Hall for the full week.

STePS Education & Training will provide face to face information & support for learners undertaking training programs in Alice Springs and remote areas.  The event schedule below outlines the weeks events, to book courses please visit our course schedule page.

We thank all stakeholders who are supporting this years program of activities, to make the week a great success, and welcome all Learners to participated in the weeks training sessions, to enable you to apply your new knowledge and skills in workplace opportunities and other learning pathways.

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If you can't find a scheduled course that meets your needs in the timetable below, please go to our Course list and lodge a prospect orcontact us to discuss your training needs.

DayDateName (Code)Start/Finish
Monday 01 Sep 2014 Provide First Aid in Education & Care Setting (HLTAID004) 0830   1630
Tuesday 02 Sep 2014 Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis (22099VIC) 0930   1230

02 Sep 2014 Course in Emergency Management of Asthma in the Workplace (22024VIC) 0930   1230

02 Sep 2014 Provide CPR (also known as Workplace Level 1) (HLTAID001) 1330   1600
  03 Sep 2014 Child Care roundtable 1200   1300
Thursday 04 Sep 2014 Provide CPR (also known as Workplace Level 1) (HLTAID001) 1230   1530
Friday 05 Sep 2014 Occupant Safety (OSSC001) 0900   1100

05 Sep 2014 Food Hygiene (FHSC001) 1330   1530
Saturday 06 Sep 2014 Provide First Aid (also known as Senior First Aid or Workplace Level 2)… (HLTAID003) 0830   1630
Sunday 07 Sep 2014 Occupant Safety (OSSC001) 0830   1030

07 Sep 2014 Course in Emergency Management of Asthma in the Workplace (22024VIC) 1030   1330

07 Sep 2014 Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis (22099VIC) 1030   1330

07 Sep 2014 Food Hygiene (FHSC001) 1330   1530
Monday 08 Sep 2014 Celebration and presentation of certificates to Learners


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