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This learning program combines Chief Warden, Warden and Occupant learning and assessment sessions for the following courses, for more information please read the information of the individual courses, or contact our office.

  • With regard to Emergency Planning and training for staff as Wardens or Occupants,  we’ve outlined two (2) options for businesses to assure compliance with AS3745 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities
  • For pricing of this cluster of 3 learning sessions please contact our office.


Emergency Planning and training


Deliver separate courses, for more information please read the information of the individual courses on our website, or contact our office:


Deliver a program integrated within one of your 4/12 Emergency Response Exercise’s, which would include Chief warden training + Warden training + Occupant Safety training for up to 12 staff, which could engage the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) as well as occupants and Workers of the workplace as detailed in AS3745 2010.

Training plan:

  • Let’s look at emergency response and control training
  • Chief Warden (PUAWER006B Lead an emergency control organisation) – allow for key staff as Chief Wardens.  We recommend commencing a 2hr session with the Chief Warden (however may also include any succession or contingency staff)
  • Warden (PUAWER005B Operate as part of an emergency control organisation) – allow for Team Leaders as Wardens.  We would then blend this next session of 2hrs into group work including the Chief Warden + Wardens, where roles & responsibilities and Emergency Control documents would be presented by the Chief Warden and reviewed by the group.  Wardens would familiarise themselves with the Emergency Response plan they will deliver in the next session.

    • Fire Safety – allow corporate booking, including attend and feedback on Emergency Response Exercise.  This 2hr information session includes a session led by the Wardens where occupoants are informed of their roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency, including a walk through of the scenario.
    • Emergency Response Exercise.  This Emergency Response Exercise(s) is the final 1hr session, this scenario is delivered by the members of the ECO (Chief Warden, Wardens, First Aider & Comms), where roles & responsibilities are tested and workplace documents reviewed.  The Chief Warden presents outcome of the Emergency Response Exercise to the EPC.


This training is for Chief/Warden/Occupants which incorporates one (or more) of the Emergency Response Exercise’s that might effect people in a facility, or that the business is required to undertake one (1) or more times each year.

 Training for all learners is contextualised and integrates emergency planning, risk register, SOP’s and other business and legislative instruments

  • the AS3745 2010 standard calls fortraining of the EPC, ECO and Occupants & Visitors of the workplace specifically in clause 1.4.5  Competent person “A person who has acquired through training, education, qualification, experience,or a combination of these, the knowledge and skill enabling him/her tocorrectly perform the required task”, and as detailed in Section 6
  • optimal training outcomes occurs when integrating an Emergency Response Exercise into the learning program, which meets the specific needs of the location.  We deliver to this model, and integrate a review of workplace SOP's, Risk Register and emergency control documentation in our EPC/ECO/Chief & Warden courses.


If you choose to invite your Board of Management to oversee the evacuation scenario (they may wish to use this opportunity to exercise Due Diligence), in their role controlling the EPC.  If you think this is worthwhile, we're more than happy to discuss this with you.

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