CORPORATE frequently asked questions (FAQ);

This page contains your Corporate Account administrative terms, conditions and frequently asked questions.

The goal of the Corporate Account is to simplify the booking and enrolment process, to save you time, and our time is precious. This document summarises and aims to clarify the role of the employer as well as the Learner toward that goal.

Feedback we receive from Employers drives continuous improvement toward more efficient and fluid process. Below you will find how we have acted on your feedback or from our discussions we've had with you, changes actioned and benefits delivered.

Our FAQ page contains more Frequently Asked Questions.


One of the problem’s we both have, is when bookings are entered and there is no direct email or mobile contact to the enrolled learner, this can cost both of us significant time, and complicates following up with learners.  If learners do not receive their enrolment and course information the liability for performance remains with the person or entity who made the booking, this is usually you the business manager/owner.  We recommend wherever possible, to ensure the adult learner is aware of their obligations under their learning contract with the Training Organisation, ie; read, understand and action their course email.

Learner Contract;

Its imperative as a Training Organisation that the learner enters a learning contract.  This is achieved by either the learner completing all their details when enrolling on-line and agreeing to the terms and conditions of sale, or, if a third party enrols them on line, when they receive their course email by agreeing to the terms and conditions summarised within.  To achieve this, each learner must have nominated their (unique) email.

We deliver training in remote locations so do understand how difficult this can be, not everyone has a unique email or mob coverage, however for nationally accredited training, Redpath Education is required to enter into a valid learning contract with the learner.

On successful completion of the training program, Statements of Attainment, Certificates or other (testamur’s) are emailed to learners, we realise you may have internal system requirements, however we are required to issue to the owner of the testamur, which is the learner, not the employer.  If you need to hold copies of testamur’s you must have the learners agreement.  An email from each individual learner per the (sample) learner contract below, or just tick the “I approve Redpath Education to send an additional copy of the certificate to an additional email address (eg employer's)” tick box at enrolment.


As well as the course email, our system automatically sends a WELCOME and REMINDER (x3) sms to learners.  These include; on enrolment, as well as 10 days, 5 days and 2 days prior to the course.  This method of communication is agreed to by the learner at enrolment, and enables us to recover costs they have agreed to, should they either defer or fail to attend, or other action which breaches their learning contract.

If a unique (to each learner) mobile number or email is not included with the learners enrolment data, we transfer the mobile and/or email included in the Billing information, and the problem becomes yours not the learners, so best to provide their personal contact.

AVETMISS (Gov) Data;

We are able to offer reduced costs when ALL LEARNER DATA is entered at enrolment, for our AVETMISS reporting to Government it is imperative the learner has a physical address, as well as a postal address.  The Gov AVETMISS data will accept any physical address (not PO or PMB or CMB), if learners have no fixed abode or identifiable address they may nominate your business address.

Corporate Account;

When you log into your Corporate Account, you are able to enter/change selected data after enrolments are completed.  You can also track learner progress pre-course, as well as reporting on outcomes post-course.  This Corporate Account remembers your details, automatically applying the Corporate/discounted rate, as well it will pre-fill all the learner data on the ENROLMENT page when you enter the USI and DOB.  You can also select your employees as a group, and add them as a group into a future course booking, this doesn't require you to re-enter Booking or Learner data. and is a big time saver.


We are able to offer a discounted tiered rate structure to you, such as a Corporate Rate, because you take on the responsibility of entering all data at enrolment, and we are able to pass on our admin savings to you.  Discounted rates don’t apply to public bookings, or other bookings where we are required to manage enrolment or billing data. For us to continue to deliver our services into local and remote areas at a Corporate rate, we have to apply our policies per our terms in the link below.


This can be the most time consuming to find. states that it is the learners responsibility to provide their enrolment data, and the information contained is protected under the NPP’s.  We are REQUIRED to validate the USI data, as well as the AVETMISS data, if any of this data fails we are unable to issue a testamur, which we then notify the learner.  It is the learners responsibility to ensure the name they provide at enrolment is exactly as it appears on the form of ID they used when generating their USI;

Common problems, ie;

Changes to bookings;

If staff make life decisions or otherwise prioritise their time, they need to be aware these life choices are likely to incur a cost, which are summarised in the terms and conditions they have agreed to.  The learning programmed time is as stated on the website and course information, those not completing course prerequisites, or not attending the full programmed hours, will be deemed NYC (not yet competent), please ensure all work/personal activities are rescheduled around the training.

Click here to read the payment terms and conditions.

Thanks for your time;

PS Many of our clients have learners sign a simple training agreement with the business when they are offered training, in most cases it says something like;

“I agree to attend the required training on ______________(date)  at _______________(time) located at ______________  and understand I; am â˜ am not â˜ being paid during training time.  I also agree to reimburse any fees incurred by the business should I fail to attend the training, or fail to meet the performance requirements of the training.  I have been informed the cost of my training should I fail to attend or successfully complete is $_______.___.   I also agree to the training organisation emailing a copy of my certificate to my employer.

Signed: ______________________________ Date: ________________”