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At REDPATH we are working to secure funding to support the delivery of a culturally appropriate model of on-site accredited training to build capacity and sustainability of the workforce, by allowing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander aged care workers in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands of WA to attain specific skills to improve aged care service delivery, and work towards certificate attainment in appropriate qualifications.

Working with Dianna Isgar (HACC Coordinator - NG Health) we have provisionally identified training requirements in communities that will allow training to be conducted within a circuit of communities including Wingellina, Blackstone, Jameson, Wanarn, Warburton and Warakurna.Other smaller communities are potentially supported with training though skill workshops being delivered out of the major training centres at Blackstone, Warburton and Warakurna, as a model currently in use on the NG Lands.

Workers on communities in Central Australia support a range of activities including respite care, child care, school, community wellness, breakfast Minyma and various other community support activities, requiring a whole of community approach to training.

Relationships built in prior years will be put to good use in supporting the training identified in our funding proposals.  The past years have laid the groundwork to translate a number of opportunities into substantive benefits to training in remote communities, with continued broad support and goodwill we are working to deliver sustainable training to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce employed in all areas of community aged care on the Lands in WA. 

For more information please contact our office to discuss opportunities for training supported within this program.


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